Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fuckatan Riot Selangor Ugut Bunuh Dato khir Toyo!

FORMER Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has often received threatening SMS messages throughout his political career, and recently, for criticising the Selangor State government.

While these SMS texts had never frightened him, it all changed when he received a threatening letter yesterday from an unknown person.

Speaking to Malay Mail, Dr Khir said he decided to lodge a police report this time as he feared not only for his safety, but also his family members.

“I have been threatened so many times via SMS and I had not lodged any police report as I can take care of myself. But, I am worried about the safety of my family members. That is why I lodged a report urging the police to conduct an investigation into this matter.”

The letter was sent by post and was among the stack of letters brought to him for reading by his officer yesterday morning.

“The letter was addressed to my office. My officer brought the letters to Shah Alam for me to look through,” said Dr Khir.

While it looked like any other letter, he was shocked when he read the content. The letter was hand-written in Bahasa Malaysia and was quite lengthy.

“The two-page letter was full of hatred and anger. The writer accused me of trying to bring down the PKR State government in Selangor and told me to stop,” said Dr Khir.

He said the writer threatened to shoot him if he did not stop. Further, the writer also threatened to harm his family members.

The letter has been passed to the investigating police officer for further action. Dr Khir declined to answer any more questions and said he is leaving the matter to the police. “Let them do the investigations.”

Shah Alam police chief ACP Nor Azam Jamaludin said a police report was lodged by Dr Khir at noon.
He said the letter was sent from Bukit Raja, Klang, based on the stamp mark. Police are investigating the case for criminal intimidation.

Sumber: Malay Mail

Apa daa Khalid lombu and the geng ni.. Takut bonar hilang kuaso kek Selangor.. Kalau PKR hilang kuaso kek Selangor sok pun bukan sobab Dato Khir sorang yo, ramai lagi ni ha yang dah bobulu dan bongang bonar nengok perangai MB Lombu yang bangang tu.. Exco lak semuo penyamun.. Habeh koring duik rakyat kono sobat dek malaun-malaun si MB lombu nu.. Orang Selangor dah bonci dah dengan kerajaan Penipu Rakyat yang hanyo utamokan perut dan kocek sendiri yo.. Ptuih!

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